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Forward-Thinking professionals and leaders understand the imperative of well curated information and insights to support their personal, professional, and organizational decisions. Newspapers are a veritable source of such information, and forward-thinking professionals are taking advantage of innovative ways of accessing their newspapers and bolstering their performance and productivity.

Some people think that reading newspapers is a tradition of the past, considering that blogs and social media sites offer instant news all day long. While we understand the value of instant news and updates, forward-thinking people recognize the deeper value that newspaper offer beyond the snippets and “breaking news” that is available from the internet. Here are some of the compelling advantages that you can derive from reading the actual newspapers.

o Authentic and Credible Source: In spite of our craving for snippets and breaking news, we all still rely on the actual newspapers to authenticate whatever we are exposed to from social media and the internet. Newspapers still represent the most authentic and credible source of public information. So, forward-thinking folks ensure that all of their news information is supported by the content of newspapers. Newspapers are the ultimate source of our fact-checking in this era of proliferation of fake news.

o Lead Generation: For any organization or professional that is commercially oriented, newspapers offer an amazing source of potential leads. The picture galleries, job advertisements, corporate events and announcements, tender announcements and even obituaries are a powerful source of new leads. As a sales professional myself, I pick up dozens of leads each week just by reading the newspapers.

o Industry/Competition Watch: A great way to find out what your competitors are doing is to check out their activities and programs that are often reported in the newspapers. Social media snippets don’t provide such information in a thoughtfully created and detailed manner.

o Consumer Tastes and Preferences: The advertisements, opinion polls and comments from readers that are published in newspapers are a powerful way to identify trends in consumer tastes and preferences that you can incorporate into your marketing and business development efforts.

o Insights from Thought Leaders: Some of the most remarkable people in every community share their insights and experiences via well-written newspaper articles. The insights from these articles will certainly enrich you as a professional, improve your global knowledge, and even bolster your communication skills. Again, these insights are best curated in newspapers.

To take advantage of the opportunities that the internet offers and provide the amazing benefits of newspapers that have been earlier enumerated via the internet, newspapers have made the transition from “physical” to “digital”.

The EPaperVendor is the largest and most consistent provider of the full digital version of Nigerian newspapers. Since 2015, we have assisted managers and leaders in some of the most reputable organizations in Nigeria across a variety of industries to transition from reading the printed physical newspapers to the more cost-effective, portable digital version, and take advantage of the amazing benefits of reading the complete newspapers.

It has the complete content of the newspapers delivered to readers each day. It offers the unique benefits of newspapers, but with the greater impact of being delivered. You can get a free one-week subscription to the EPaper by clicking the button below.

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