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Automate your Human Resources and Learning & Development Workflows

Improve your processes in managing employee management and learning

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LD Planner

Many organizations struggle each year with collating the learning needs of their employees based on the clearly-established competencies for each role.


With the LD Planner, Learning & Development Managers can automate the process of annual development planning and contracting and ensure that their Annual Learning Calendars are published, approved and ready for implementation in the fastest possible time. 

LD Core

Many organizations struggle with the conventional "Training and Events functionalities of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems because those systems were not build with the modern Learning & Development Function in mind . 

The LD Core is a core Learning & Development Information Management System that addresses the shortfalls of these systems and provides end to end automation for your Learning & Development Management needs. 

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Better People

Better People is a fully integrated Human Resources Information Management System that allows you to capture, store, record, process and retrieve critical information about your employees across all the major stages of the employee life cycle - recruitment, attendance, leave, payroll, performance, discipline, exits and much more. 

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Custom Solutions

We are able to work with you to develop custom automated solutions to support specific areas of Human Resources Management. Our expert team of Solution Architects and Platform Developers will identify your needs, translate them into a solution, test and deploy them to ensure that your expectations are met and surpassed. 

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Why People Tech Solutions? 

Streamlined L&D Processes

Enhanced Information Management for HR and L&D

Customizable and Easy to Integrate

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