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Measure what Matters

Metrics, KPIs, Dashboards and Trackers for HR and the Organization

Business Team

The PTracker

Will you like a dashboard where you can track all your strategic goals, work plans and KPIs

The HR Meter

Will you like to position your HR Department with the right KPIs and Metrics that align with business priorities?

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Why PTracker?

What Doesn't Get Measured, Doesn't Get DONE

Tracking your strategic plan, goals and KPIs is essential to driving the right behaviour and results within any team or organization. 

Automating this with a performance dashboard like the PTracker ensures that you can evaluate and assess your performance on the most important goals and expectations within your organization or team

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Why HR Meter?

Speak the Language of Business

To get a seat at the Strategic Table and help leaders to deploy their people assets more effectively, HR leaders and professionals must "speak the language of business". 

This will only happen when they have the right performance measures that align with business priorities and can show how these measures affect business outcomes and justify HR invesments. 

Thew HR Meter provides scores of HR Metrics and automates their calculation, reporting and presentation

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