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Sharing Breakfast

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions and this is where we serve it 

Anonymous 360-degree feedback tools to enhance emotional intelligence,  culture alignment motivation and success

Leader 360

Take advantage of the "Wisdom of the Crowd" to evaluate your leaders and provide developmental feedback to drive their success

Traffic LIGHTs 360

Give your leaders the breakfast of champions -  feedback that is clear and actionable using the Traffic Lights 360 


Teamwork makes the Dream Work - Building effective teams starts with an honest assessment of the team player capabilities of your team members

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Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast, so you always want to feel the pulse of your employees and gauge the organizational culture, and create the cultural alignment required to make your strategy work 

Leader 360

The Wisdom of The Crowd

With our increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain; Complex and Ambiguous)  world, organizations MUST evaluate the capacity of their leaders and bridge the gaps in their leadership abilities

Your Leaders and Managers will get the benefit of the Wisdom of the Crowd by getting qualitative and quantitative feedback about their leadership across four leadership competencies - leading self; leading others; leading results and leading transformation

Leder 360 Details

Traffic Lights 360

The Breakfast of Champions

Traffic Lights 360 focuses on what most other 360 degree or multirater tools fail to pay attention to - qualitative feedback that is well-directed and actionable. It is based on the Traffic Light signals of STOP, CONTINUE and START and provides feedback to leaders and professionals focused on these three perspectives.


Clients use Traffic Lights 360  to give crystal clear feedback to leaders and managers along four leadership capability areas - leading self, leading people, leading results and leading transformation.

Business Colleagues
Traffic Light 360
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Team Player 360

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

If you really want to drive performance and results in your organization, then you should be paying attention to the quality of teamwork - how much trust exists within your teams, how well are team members at giving constructive feedback, taking ownership, and holding each other accountable? 

The Team Player 360 will provide valuable feedback for members of your team that will absolutely transform their capacity to foster and demonstrate the teamwork required to bolster your results. 

TP 360 Anchor

Employee Pulse Checks

Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast

When organizations take the time and invest the resources to feel the pulse of their employees, they are able to stay ahead of the curve. Our Employee pulse checks, People Meters, People Net Promoter Score, and Employee Experience Surveys can be customized and deployed to fit the specific needs of your organization. 

They deliver valuable insights that can be disaggregated in various ways to give you perspectives and enhance your decision making to bolster your culture and your results

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Employee PC Anchor

Are You Ready to Enhance the
Productivity of Your Teams?

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