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Create a Learning Organization with Scalable Online Learning

Micro-Learning Platforms, Content, Solutions and Tools for Your Learners

LMS Deployment

If you are looking to scale yiour current learning programs by deploing them online, a critical first step is to create a Learning management System that will host your online learning courses. 

Our Efiko LMS is a fully customizable LMS that allows you to host interactive eleraning content including videos, text, audios, interactive SCORM compliant content and files. You can register and track learners, monitor usage, deploy tests and assessments, issue certificates and it is available as a mobile app on ioS and Google Play Store

Content Licensing

Organizations can take advantage of our existing library of content in a broad variety of learning areas and have them deployed on their existing Learning management System or added to the Learning Management System that you purchase from us at People Tech Solutions. 

Our content covers areas like Leadership & management; Personal Effectiveness & Productivity; Strategy & Innovation; Business Acumen & Financial Literacy; Sales & Service Delivery; Human Resources & Learning; and Entrepreneurial Development

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Content Development

Our team of expert learning designers and developers can work with you to build eLearning content from scratch that will integrate the very best of adult learning principles with experiential design tools. 

Depending on the topic, we can take advantage of our pool of subject matter experts across various disciplines to create content that is not only contextually relevant, but also provides a high-engaging and interactive experience that will achieve the ROI on eLearning that you desire

eLearning Conversion

Some organizations already have a collection of training materials as slides, PDF documents, audios and in other formats that they may want to put together as interactive eLearning and make available to their employees and learners. 

Our eLearning authoring team can work with such organizations to convert your existing content to interactive eLearning that can be hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS) and accessed by your learners. 

Facilitator-Led Virtual Training

At People Tech Solutions, we understand the imperative of integrating adult learning principles and experiential learning tools into the design and delivery of our facilitator-led virtual training programs. 

Our sessions are developed to ensure that learners are engaged throughout, interact properly with each other and the content and are able to practice and apply the skills that they are learning within the virtual environment.


We deploy all the usual activities that you will typically enjoy in an in-person session by maximizing the various technology options that are available and creating learning experiences that on many occasions are better than live workshops 

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