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Handling Irate Customers


In spite of your best efforts to provide fantastic service to your customers, you may end up with angry customers who are so disappointed with your service that they begin to swear, use abusive language, and threaten violence. Wouldn’t it be great to know what to do if this happened? The Efiko Podcast offers our best advice for managing irate customers. Please click the button below.

Managing Panic Attacks

The Mind Care Alcove offers valuable advice about managing panic attacks and overcoming challenging and stressful situations. Watch the short educational video by clicking the button below, and please share it with others

Writing Minutes of Meetings

Is there a proper way to write the minutes of a business meeting? Yes, there is, and many people struggle in this area. So, please the button below to watch this short educational video from the Online Efiko and start writing professional minutes of meetings.

Managing Meetings

Meetings are an important part of organizational culture and processes today. Executives spend more than 80% of each day in meetings, so you had better learn how to manage your meetings to enhance your productivity and effectiveness. Please read our whitepaper by clicking this link button to explore our best advice and recommendations to improve the return on investment (ROI) of your meetings.

Child Safety During Festivities

The CLIS Parenting Academy offers parents valuable tips to manage the safety of their children, especially during festive celebrations and holidays. It’s an interesting read, that you can refer to as the holiday season approaches. Click the button below to read

Math Homework: Ratios

We continue our math homework series with another word problem in ratios. It’s absolutely FREE and is a powerful tool to help children in upper primary school learn to solve word problems in mathematics. Click the button below to watch the video and share it with other parents and children around you.

Autism Special Meals

Children on the autism spectrum often require a special diet due to different physiological challenges they may have, like allergies, intolerance to certain foods, and deficiencies in certain essential vitamins and minerals. The Thoughtful House Autism explores autism special meals in this episode of Chubu and Chibi’s Autism Adventure. Please click the button below to watch and learn more.

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