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Performance Contracting Clinics

In 2010, the Human Resources Business Partnering Team at Stanbic IBTC - a leading Nigerian Bank, and member of the Standard Bank Group (Africa's largest banking group) was tasked with the responsibility of transitioning from a subjective behaviour-focused performance management system to a more objective system based on the Balanced Score Card.

More than twelve years later, some of the challenges that were identified in that project as captured in a Case Study jointly published by Harvard Business School and the Palladium Group are still prevalent in many organizations. The Case Study recommended an innovative approach to performance contracting - the use of performance contracting clinics.

Researchers and practitioners would find this useful and we look forward to subjecting its recommendations to empirical analysis so that the novel approach of performance contracting clinics (PCCs) can become mainstreamed into Management literature and practice.

Get a complimentary copy of this publication and share your thoughts with us. We are available to work with you to implement PCCs in your organization, so that you can bolster your employees' performance.

HBS on Performance Contracting
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