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Life Skills Program for Schools

Learning Impact is a leading provider of corporate training, organizational development, and strategy consulting solutions to leading organizations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in Nigeria across a wide variety of industries. We identified an important gap in our interactions with participants in our corporate training programs: most adults did not have the benefit of acquiring important life skills like leadership, personal effectiveness, communication, creativity, innovation, and financial literacy while growing up and in school. This is why many of them struggle in their jobs, careers, and businesses and need the remedial life skills education that we offer as corporate trainers.


To address this gap, we developed a unique collection of life skills educational resources and programs: books, board games, and digital learning tools in these four areas: leadership and personal effectiveness; creativity and innovation; communication and presentation skills; and financial literacy.


Since 2015, we have partnered with schools, parents, and organizations to deploy these resources and programs to support the new paradigm of “life skills education” in various communities with significant success. We are continuing in that effort and are offering your school a chance to participate in our complimentary Life Skills Program with the support of our partners and collaborators.


Program Structure and Benefits


The target audience for the program is pupils in Primary 5 or the 5th grade of your school, subject to a maximum cohort of 30 pupils per school. The program consists of:


o Complimentary life skills seminars for pupils

o Complimentary participation in our “Annual Life Skills Essay Competition"

o Complimentary life skills Resources for your school library

o Complimentary life skills Workshop for your staff.

o Complimentary life skills seminar for your Parents Teachers Association.


Program Content


The life skills seminars for the pupils will cover the following areas and will take place at mutually agreed-upon times on your school premises during the course of the year:

Leadership & Personal Effectiveness: Pupils will enhance their leadership and effectiveness by learning the skills and behaviours for enhanced self-awareness, discipline and focus, continuous learning, interpersonal relationships, and resilience. These skills will support their academic goals now and in future and lay the foundation for successful careers and vocations in future.

Creativity & Innovation: Pupils will enhance their ability to be innovative, by learning the behaviours and attitudes of creative people, and learning the skills for creative problem solving that can be applied now and in future in managing their academic tasks and solving even more complex real-life problems as they grow.

Communication & Presentation Skills: These seminars will equip your pupils with the skills for communicating effectively, including but not limited to listening and comprehension skills, researching and design skills; writing, public speaking and collaborating skills that they need now, and all through their scholarship, and up to their careers and vocations, where communication skills are a major differentiator.

Financial Literacy: The goal of education is to prepare children for successful lives as adults which will require them to manage financial resources for themselves and their organizations in an ethical manner. Unfortunately, we seldom prepare our children for this reality, and yet, expect them to succeed. This seminar will lay the foundation for responsible financial lives by teaching planning, saving, investing, the ethics of money and how to protect  their wealth.


Our Partners and Collaborators


Over the years, we have partnered and collaborated with leading organizations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, including financial institutions, regulatory agencies, hospitality providers, educational institutions, telecommunications firms, and technology firms, amongst others. Their on-going support and commitment are critical to the success of this program.


Next Steps


Please click the link below to indicate your interest in the program on behalf of your school. Please note that there are limited spots available, and the pilot program is targeted at schools in Lagos and Abuja ONLY. Please feel free to visit to learn more about our company and programs.

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