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Building a Top-Graded Organization

All organizations especially small and medium-sized ones should be very prudent in minimizing their exposure to recruitment errors. They should set very high expectations for the quality of their employees so that they can get the optimal value for their employees and achieve sustainable business results.


Unfortunately, most organizations struggle in this area, and when asked, most CEOs will confirm that less than 20% of their workforce are “A Players” – square pegs in square holes, delivering excellent results.


But this is not true for all organizations – in fact, the top businesses in the world report rates as high as 80-90% and sometimes even higher. They can achieve this, not because they have more money to attract the right people, but because they have a razor-focus on building a Top-Graded organization. This focus ostensibly leads to better performance, improved financial results, and of course a larger capacity to compensate their people.


Some organizations have significant funds to pay their employees, and pay much better than their competitors, but still struggle with a very low percentage of “A” Players. We recommend that purpose-driven and forward-thinking organizations pursue a strategy of being a Top Graded Organization, and the framework provides our policy recommendations on how to achieve this. Please download a FREE copy of our white paper on Building a Top-Graded Organization and feel free to invite others to do the same by sharing this link.

WP - Building a Top-Graded Organization
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Dec 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Such a great strategy on making an organization have the best talents across board

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