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Strengthening our Organizations

After a slight recovery from the COVID pandemic in 2022, organizations have started to adjust to the realities of the new economy and workplace that have arisen from its ashes. As 2022 came to an end, many countries across both the developed and developing world started to experience another period of declining economic growth. Global players have responded with massive layoffs and the shrinking of their operations, with a domino effect expected on governments, industries, and individual companies in 2023. Therefore, the agenda for 2023 must be to strengthen our organizations to be resilient enough to survive shocks and to position our organizations for the future, whatever that future may be.

Our focus at Learning Impact is to provide you with the ideas, solutions, frameworks, tools, and capacity to strengthen your organizations. In 2023, we will be rolling out more of our "people-technology solutions," a term that we use to describe a variety of automation tools and software that organizations can deploy in the area of people management. These include our flagship PTracker—a strategy and performance tracking dashboard; Leader360, TeamPlayer360, and TrafficLights360, our collection of 360 evaluation tools; LD Planner—a tool that automates the annual development planning process; and PRater—our performance appraisal tool.

These tools will help strengthen various aspects of performance management, employee development, and overall people management in your organization. Remember, to strengthen our organizations, we need to “inspect what we expect," and these people-technology tools will ensure that you can do so.

In addition to our people-technology solutions, we are also available to support your goal of strengthening the capabilities of your people with our unique eLearning solutions. Specifically, we can work with you to customize and deploy an online learning management system that will scale your learning interventions and give you a better return on your learning investments. You may also take advantage of our eLearning content and conversion solutions to support your existing eLearning infrastructure. eLearning is certainly the most powerful tool at the disposal of forward-thinking organizations wanting to scale and enhance the impact of learning in their organizations. Remember, your organization needs to be constantly innovating to stay alive and prosper, and organizational learning is at the heart of this innovation.

Another focal area for us in 2023 and beyond will be in supporting our clients and partners with evidenced-based HR solutions and tools, particularly in the measuring employee wellness, engagement, and cultural alignment. We believe in data-driven HR and the use of evidence in making decisions regarding the well-being of your people and organization. Our assessment tools are based on well researched and empirically tested models and scales.

2023 is a major election year in Nigeria, our flagship location, and as a company we remain committed to supporting leadership development, good governance, effective political participation and #Politeracy. We will continue this focus in 2023 by providing complimentary seminars, resources and learning tools to support our communities and stakeholders in the areas of leadership development; creativity and innovation; financial literacy; communication skills; values reorientation; and #politeracy.

This will continue to be the main thrust of our Corporate Social Responsibility Projects in 2023 and beyond – our modest contribution to building a pipeline of God-fearing, purposeful and competent leaders who are committed to the common good and will lead the Nigerian and African renaissance that we all yearn for.

Learning Impact will continue to lead and offer support in its traditional areas of corporate training in leadership and management, personal effectiveness, creativity and innovation, sales and service delivery, communication skills, business acumen and financial literacy, and human resources and learning. In addition, we will continue to support our clients in the areas of organizational development and strategic human resource management, as well as with the development and deployment of organizational strategy using tools like the balanced scorecard and blue ocean strategy.

For our key stakeholders in Human Resources and Organizational Learning, we will continue to provide thought leadership with our research-driven solutions, ideas, and publications through our flagship Efiko podcast. We will also continue to deepen our commitment and participation in the various professional bodies to which we belong – locally and internationally, including but not limited to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM); Human Resources Management Association of Trinidad & Tobago (HRMATT); Nigerian Institute for Training & Development (NITAD); Association for Talent Development (ATD); the Learning & Development Network International LDNI; and the Academy of Management (AOM).

We believe that with all of these and much more, Learning Impact is your preferred partner to support you in strengthening your organization and building the resilience that you need in 2023 and beyond. Please download a copy of our 2023 Brochure that provides detailed information about our solutions to help you strengthen your organization.

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