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Podcast: How to Structure an Impactful Presentation

One of the skills that sets people apart in their organizations is their ability to speak confidently in public.

Presentation and public speaking skills are important because they help you to convey your ideas, plans, proposals, and expectations to others. With the right skills, you can inform, educate, inspire, and persuade others effectively. Interestingly, there is empirical as well as practical evidence to show that the skills for effective presentations and public speaking are rare, highly sought after, and most importantly, that they can be learned.

That’s why this week, I would like to explore the subject of public speaking and presentation skills and share with you a basic layout/structure that you can use to give your presentations and speeches the perfect punch.

Please click the LISTEN button below to listen to our podcast episode on “How to Structure an Impactful Presentation” where we explain and explore the five parts of an effective presentation, and how to use them to create the maximum impact.

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