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Podcast: How to Make Your Culture Work

One of the most popular quotes that you will hear on the subject of organizational culture is credited to Peter Drucker, the doyen of management who rightly said and I quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Drucker was making the point about how important culture is – the things we do, accept, permit, and encourage in our organizations. It is these things that determine how successful our organizations will be. It is therefore important as an organizational leader to have a strategy to ensure that the right culture works – the culture that will deliver the business results that you desire and becomes the dominant way of doing things in your organization.

In today’s episode of the Efiko podcast, we are going to explore a number of evidence-based approaches to gaining the commitment and buy-in of your team into the culture that you want. Culture transformation and alignment is a very human process, and with human beings, change is difficult to create and sustain, but the ten approaches we will discuss today, when implemented properly will help you and your organization on that journey and process.

Please click the LISTEN button below to listen to our podcast episode on “How to Make Your Culture Work” where we explain and explore the ten evidence-based techniques for enhancing culture alignment and transformation.

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