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Podcast: Handling Irate Customers

As a service organization, you should try everything you can to prevent customers from becoming angry and lashing out at your employees and other customers. You can achieve this by applying the 6 steps of the fantastic service equation and incorporating them into your everyday service protocols. You can also incorporate the RATER framework into managing customer experience and build your service delivery around the five governing forces of service. In addition, you should have a robust system for managing complaints.

Unfortunately, because our organizations are human and prone to error, some things may still slip through the cracks which may lead to customers getting angry and lashing out, even when you have all of these systems in place. There are three evidence-based techniques for dealing with irate customers, and they follow this particular order. First, you take a time out, if that fails, you delegate upwards and if that fails, then you draw the line.

Please click the LISTEN button below to listen to our podcast episode on “Handling Irate Customers” where we explain and explore these three advanced techniques in more detail.

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