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Podcast: A Different View on Success

A new field has emerged in management known as positive organizational studies which focuses on fostering organizations where people flourish, thrive, and support the common good. It is gaining interest not only among scholars but also among organizational leaders who want better and more sustainable organizations. We can only achieve this if we go back to the roots – our beliefs and actions regarding the pursuit of success.

Traditionally, most people’s approach to achieving success as they were taught in school and socialized by their families, friends, and even faith communities, knowingly or unknowingly are built on three premises. Success as a destination, success as material, and success as personal. I would like to explore these three dominant perspectives and offer an alternative set of beliefs: success as a journey or process; success as transcendental; and success as focused on the common good.

Please click the LISTEN button below to listen to our podcast episode on “A Different View on Success” where we explain and explore these three perspectives that could change your worldview and your life.

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