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Generating Leads from Newspapers

One of the challenges that sales professionals and organizational leaders face when trying to sell their products and services, is having a pipeline full of leads and potential prospects. In fact, having such a full pipeline is indicative of your success in selling, because it guarantees that you will be busy, all day, every day, and all year round, with a greater likelihood of achieving your sales targets. Not having a pipeline full of leads indicates the opposite – that you may not be able to achieve your sales targets.

Finding leads on a continuous basis is therefore an important goal for sales professionals and business leaders, and our experience suggest that newspapers are a veritable source of leads for different businesses. Let’s explore a few examples of how newspapers can help you in this regard.

A prominent feature of newspapers is the Request for Proposals, Tenders and Procurement Notices from large organizations who are compelled either by law or their internal policies to advertise these tenders. So, if you are a consultant, contractor, or service provider to large corporates on the public/private sector across most industries, then you should never miss reading the newspapers and keeping up with all the new tender/procurement opportunities that are available.

Also, newspapers showcase the events of many organizations that you want to do business with, and display pictures and the names of the key leaders in these organizations. By reading the newspapers each day you can find the names of key influencers in organizations that you are interested in and then follow up with solicitations to them via LinkedIn or directly via letters and emails. The benefit is that you will not just be addressing your letter to ‘Head of Human Resources”, but you will have a real name like “Ogochimelu Ejike” to go with it. It means you can also find Ms Ejike on LinkedIn or Facebook and start sharing your proposition with her.

For people who are promoting socially relevant products and services and are interested in getting support from potential partners, newspapers will be very valuable. Most companies talk about their corporate social responsibility programs and activities in the newspapers. This could be useful in identifying the key people responsible for CSR initiatives and also in understanding the areas of focus and interest of the organizations.

Sometimes, newspapers contain speeches and interviews from organizational leaders who make statements committing to one issue or the other. For example, the CEO of a bank may mention her commitment to improving service delivery to its clients using technology. You can ride on this commitment by reaching out to her or to her bank to propose your existing solutions in this area.

Even the obituary section of newspapers can be very valuable for a number of reasons. It gives you a chance to genuinely find out about who has been recently bereaved amongst people in your network of prospects, so that you can reach out to them and offer your condolences, which helps to nurture stronger relationships with these clients or prospects. In addition, people in the financial services industry usually identify prospects from the deceased’s relatives (its sounds morbid but it is real). When wealthy people die, they typically leave behind financial resources to their spouses and families. Obituary announcements help wealth managers to literally ‘follow the money”.

A great way to access your newspapers each day and take advantage of these amazing opportunities to generate more leads in your business is to subscribe to the EPaper Vendor. The EPaper Vendor is the largest provider of the complete digital version of Nigerian newspapers (The Guardian, Daily Trust, This Day, Business Day, Daily Times, Nigerian Tribune, New Telegraph, National Economy, Daily Asset, and Blueprint). The complete digital version is an exact replica of the printed newspaper at only 20% of the cost of the print version, delivered in a convenient, user-friendly and portable format on your electronic devices each day. You may click the button below to start your E-Paper experience with a 7-Day free trial.

So, you do not have to worry about where the next set of leads for your business will be coming from, or how to ensure that you have a pipeline full of leads to achieve your sales targets, all you need to do is to subscribe to the EPaper Vendor and take advantage of the lead generating opportunities that newspapers offer as well as the affordable, user-friendly, convenient and portable solution from the EPaper Vendor.

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