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eLearning to Transform Your Organization


In an age where knowledge is not just power but also convenience, Learning Impact Model presents a comprehensive suite of e-learning solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of Nigerian businesses. Our three core services - e-learning content development, e-learning conversion, and e-learning content licensing - are meticulously designed to empower organizations to thrive in the digital learning landscape.


As the Nigerian corporate landscape embraces e-learning at an unprecedented pace, Learning Impact Model stands out as a beacon of localized expertise. Our team of seasoned professionals not only understands the nuances of the Nigerian market but also embodies the cultural context necessary to deliver impactful e-learning experiences. By offering our services at competitive local prices, we ensure that organizations can harness the power of e-learning without breaking the bank.

Our Solutions

E-Learning Content Development: Our bespoke content development services are crafted with your organization's unique goals and objectives in mind. From interactive modules to immersive simulations, we transform your vision into engaging e-learning experiences.


E-Learning Conversion: Harness the full potential of your existing training materials with our e-learning conversion services. We seamlessly convert traditional learning resources into dynamic digital formats, optimizing accessibility and scalability.


E-Learning Content Licensing: Access a treasure trove of curated e-learning content through our licensing platform. Choose from a diverse range of topics and modules to complement your existing training initiatives, saving time and resources.

Why Learning Impact

Learning Impact has built an enviable reputation as a leading provider of corporate training solutions across major disciplines in professional and business skills. This experience and expertise is reflected in our eLearning solutions. In addition, our solutions offer the following benefits

Local Expertise: Our team of local developers and support staff ensures that your e-learning solutions are not just relevant but also culturally resonant.

Cost-Effectiveness: Say goodbye to exorbitant foreign prices. Our localized pricing structure enables organizations to maximize their e-learning budgets.

Customization: Tailor-made e-learning solutions that align with your organizational objectives, fostering enhanced engagement and knowledge retention.

Our Track Record

Numerous esteemed organizations, including FBN Quest Group, Stanbic IBTC Holdings, Society for Family Health, Hygeia HMO, Abuja Investment Company Limited, and Securities & Exchange Commission, have already reaped the rewards of partnering with Learning Impact Model. From streamlined training processes to measurable performance improvements, our e-learning solutions have consistently delivered tangible value across diverse sectors.

Contact Us and Learn More

Unlock the power of e-learning with Learning Impact Model. Embrace innovation, empower your workforce, and chart a path to sustainable growth in the digital age. To learn more about our eLearning solutions please feel free to contact us on +234 818 195 6161 or +234 805 195 3276.

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