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Bolster Productivity with 360-degree Reviews

Feedback is the breakfast of champions that taps into the wisdom of the crowd (peers, subordinates and supervisors) to provide professionals, managers and leaders with an honest assessment of their leadership capabilities and behaviours so that they can identify their strengths and weaknesses and chart a course for the personal and professional development.

When used properly, 360-degree feedback enhances the manager's self awareness, provides rich qualitative and quantitative insights into their behaviours, provides clarity about the actions and behaviours they should STOP, CONTINUE and START and can be applied to various aspects of strategic human resources management including but not limited to: talent management, leadership development; coaching and mentoring; career management and performance management.

Applying 360-degree reviews to support these various aspects of strategic human resources management supports organizations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. You can learn more about our 360-degree solutions from Learning Impact by clicking the link below to download our 360-degree solutions brochure.

LIM 360 Solutions - HighRes2023
Download PDF • 2.20MB

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