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Using Tech to Drive Strategy

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Towards the end of every year, forward-thinking organizations revise their strategies or come up with new strategies. They develop a workplan or a mission document that spells out “what” and “how” of their strategy and they assign timelines and responsibilities to leaders and professionals across the organization for the items on their mission plans and work plans. This is excellent, powerful and the way it should be done!

Our experience shows however that something is often lacking – a few months after the year, it is difficult to put your finger on these activities, to track the level of completion and to measure clearly where the organization is regarding them. In preparation for Quarterly Performance Review Sessions, Department Heads and Managers scurry around trying to piece together isolated pieces of information on the workplans and scramble to put together and at best, deliver disjointed presentations on the status of their workplans and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The presentations and data are mostly unreliable, and the QPR sessions ineffective, because more time is spent querying the veracity of the data presented than identifying the root-causes of under-performance and developing innovative solutions (which should be the focus of the QPR)

Organizations that have really mastered the art of strategy implementation and execution take advantage of performance dashboards and build a culture of recording, tracking, and reporting on organization-wide measures and results all year round. Better still they can deploy automated dashboards that ensure multiple levels of data validation before commuting into the system so that issues of data authenticity are dealt with long before the QPRs.

With a. good performance dashboard, everyone can “inspect what they expect” well ahead of these periodic reviews that may happen at a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. This means that leaders at all levels can proactively review their performance and start to work to overcome the gaps that exist. A good system for strategy implementation and performance management will be incomplete if such an automated system does not exist, and where the culture for “inspecting what you expect” is also non-existent.

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At Learning Impact NG’s People Tech Division, we have developed and deployed the PTracker, an automated strategy and performance dashboard that records, tracks and reports on mission plans, work plans and KPIs. It empowers and capacitates the entire organization to inspect what you expect, all year round, so that as an organization you can pursue the continuous improvement and innovation required to translate strategy into results.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Performance Consultants on +234 818 195 6161 (Nigeria) and + 1 (868) 737 5030 (Trinidad & Tobago) to explore how the PTracker can de be deployed to transform your organization.

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Adebiyi Oke
Adebiyi Oke
Jul 31, 2022

This is an awesome insight and approach to performance measurement. We surely will take this further in the days ahead.

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